Do you dream of unlocking your true potential, in a way that feels wholly authentic?

With the right guidance, this doesn’t have to be just a dream.  My passion is supporting and empowering people like you.  Together, we’ll discover what motivates you and identify your resources for improving performance, reaching goals, and optimising positivity and creativity.

who i am

My mission is to reassert the importance of human relationships in creating a better world, and to discover new ways of thinking which lead to growth and transformation.  
I didn’t come to coaching right away.  Nevertheless, coaching, mentoring, and training teams have always been an important part of my work.  As an MBA with over 20 years of experience in the luxury hotel-, travel-, and business event planning industries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Russia, I’ve acquired a wealth of leadership insights.
I provide outstanding remote-coaching sessions to international clients and in-person coaching to clients in Switzerland.  The services that I offer are based on my professional and personal experience and are influenced by the assessments, models and tools that I have used throughout my journey. 

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These letters stand for my name, Anna Mohamed Fathallah. They represent both the multiculturalism that my family embraces, and the touchstones of my coaching: Awareness, Mindfulness, and Fulfilment.

Services Offered

who I am

Personal coaching

Fully customised, one-on-one coaching sessions for personal and professional development. Designed to meet your unique individual needs, challenges, and objectives. Partner up with me for individual support and guidance throughout every step of your journey.

My principal

Mental welness coaching

Mental health:  the art of achieving balance and wellbeing throughout life.  We are living in challenging times.  At the personal level, the stress can feel overwhelming.  If we don’t process and adapt to fear and uncertainty, it can impact our well-being.  It is easy to see a broken leg or arm but far more difficult to see a broken soul and spirit.  I am inviting you to explore and experience Mindfulness, a consciousness and self-care technique that enhances your mental resilience and helps you move through life with strength and clarity, despite the challenges.

Group coaching

Group coaching

Interactive and experiential, virtual or live, half-day, full-day or multiple-day workshops designed for individuals and teams.  The workshops are tailored to those who are seeking to grow in their professional and personal lives through engaging and creative practices.  For specific interests, please reach out to discuss your group needs.

Area of Expertise

What is your journey?  You don’t have to take it alone.  I can guide you in identifying and reaching your goals in core areas of growth and development, including:

professional orientation

Professional orientation:  career transition, career re-invention

Navigating life transitions

developing resilence

Developing resilience

Elevating purpose-driven self-leadership and self-confidence

Elevating purpose-driven self-leadership and self-confidence

expat cultural integartion

Expat cultural integration

Unleashing creativity through art.

Unleashing creativity through art


What My Clients are Saying

I had a recent coaching experience with Anna and since then I’ve experienced great changes in my life!  With the highest level of professionalism, empathy and sensitivity, she boosts your confidence, provides you with tools and helps to identify a clear action plan to enable your successful growth.  
I could finally start listening to my inner voice and make a major decision in my professional life – starting my own company.  Anna is extremely trustworthy, supportive and encouraging.  
I deeply recommend working with her and I am sure it is one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

Irina Popova
CEO Culinary Atelier

It is genuine luck and a great honor to have Anna as my career coach.

Our sessions always end up with this “Aha!” effect that makes you think about yourself, your choices and your future.  With her calm and smooth attitude, Anna gives you the tools that will be most suitable for you in that specific situation … soon after, you will catch yourself in the act of applying those tools and benefiting from them.

Anna will be an incredible source of empowerment and support for whoever thinks that he/she does not need a coach for his/her career … without mentioning those who feel they need a great coach.

Ph.D. Houchaima
Ben Tekaya Zobel

Anna was my mentor during the last 6 months while taking part in the “Thrive with Mentoring” program, a mentoring program for women from women.  I could effectively benefit from our sessions, where Anna helped me to achieve my personal best and to produce the results I wished for in my personal and professional life.  Thank you so much Anna!

Martina Carlen
HR Business Partner

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