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During my girlhood in Siberia, I dreamed of the tropical sunshine.  I thus pursued a career which afforded me the pleasure and privilege of working in many sunny countries amid beautiful surroundings.  That might have been the end of the story, if not for one question that I could not stop asking: 

We can always find a place where the sun will shine upon us, but how do we tap into that same warmth and energy within ourselves?

The answer to this question came to me while I was earning a post-graduate certificate in Management at the HSG/University of St. Gallen.  For the first time in my life, I experienced career- and personal coaching. 

The impact of coaching was extraordinary.  Visible results were higher levels of self-awareness, self-confidence, mental toughness and resilience.  I became more able to see how even challenges beyond my control could be turned into opportunities for growth.  For instance, during the coronavirus pandemic, I cultivated both a new skill and a new and supportive network through the study of painting and creation of an online business for which I developed a line of products for local artists.

But it had always been people’s development, rather than product development, that inspired me most.  I was, at heart, a coach.  I’d figured out how to create positive change. It was time to help others do the same.

My principle: Coaching from the Heart with Art!

AMF Coaching & Consulting

AMF:  These letters stand for my name, Anna Mohamed Fathallah.  They represent both the multiculturalism that my family embraces, and the touchstones of my coaching:  Awareness, Mindfulness, and Fulfilment.

I strongly believe that building not just awareness but mindfulness—a more active, reflective form of awareness and presence in the world—leads to a more fulfilling life.  The study of painting during the coronavirus pandemic helped me cultivate mindfulness by lengthening my attention span and honing my observational skills.  This mindfulness in turn helped me to see clearly my passion for helping others.  Thus began my coaching studies.

Working as a coach means practicing what you preach.  I believe in the power of continuous growth and learning.  I’m proud to hold the following credentials, which are your assurance that my coaching is based on my mastery of up-to-date theory and methodology:

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) from the prestigious industry leading, Co-Active Training Institute (CTI-US);
  • Professional Career Success and Life Coach (CPCC-ICF);
  • Member of the ICF, the leading global organisation dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards; and
  • Positive Intelligence Specialist | Mentor | Consultant | Art Therapist | Certified Mental Health First Aider | Chief Empowerment Officer at AMF Coaching & Consulting (Switzerland)

I provide outstanding remote-coaching sessions to international clients and in-person coaching to clients in Switzerland.  The services that I offer are based on my professional and personal experience and are influenced by the assessments, models and tools that I have used throughout my journey. 

I empower individuals to find authenticity, transform their mindset, and unlock their true potential in their careers and lives.

Certifications, Degrees, and Experience

Over the years, I’ve earned several certifications in coaching and specialized training, equipping me to guide you effectively on your personal and professional journey


Transformation Begins with a Single Small Step

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